Protect your family's biggest investment.

Do you know if you have the right kind of mortgage insurance? The type that will guarantee whatever happens to you, your family won't lose the house they live in?

Final Expense Insurance.

Don't leave your family with the burden of your final expenses when you pass away.

Our plans offer monthly premiums. 

Long Term Care Insurance.

Who will take care of you, when you no longer can take care of yourself? 

What if you are not here tomorrow?

Have you thought about what will happen to your family's lifestyle if you don't make it home tonight? Will your children be able to go to college or university? 

Travel Insurance

for Canadians.

Shield yourself against medical emergencies while travelling abroad or across Canadian provinces. Once protected you can enjoy your vacation or focus on your business trip.

Pre-Paid Funeral Insurance.

The cost of funerals and other final arrangements keeps going up with inflation, lock-in the cost of yours today!

We work with the largest network of funeral homes in Canada.